The Board of MASH Trust are responsible for making sure that the resources of the Trust are managed well and that the services provided are of a high quality for the people the Trust supports.  A number of the Trust Board members have responsibility for overseeing specific areas.

While day to day issues relating to services are best discussed in the first instance with the relevant Service Manager and the Chief Executive Officer, there may be times when a person we support may wish to bring matters to the attention of the MASH Board.

The role of the Representative of the people we support is undertaken by David Barrett.


I attended Otago Medical School until my 5th year when my illness first presented itself.  I have had a variety of experiences since then.  Currently I have a part-time job as a Health Auditor for Quality Health New Zealand. 

My roles as I see them are;

  • to make myself easily available in relation to issues which may arise for people we support;
  • to make referrals to appropriate people;
  • and to facilitate the resolution of issues.

Issues not resolved to the persons satisfaction should then be made known to the CEO.

Confidentiality is an important part of the role in the first instance. 

I have an advantage in this role, as I am independent of the service and can represent issues without conflict of interest.

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David Barrett

'Working Together to Achieve Great Lives'



























David can be contacted through the Board Administrator Haylee Bright: -

(06) 355 7200 ext 725 or


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