Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Services

 What do the Mental Health and Addiction Co-Existing Problem Services do?

  • We work with people who are experiencing significant harm to their lives due to their substance use issues.
  • We mainly work within the MidCentral Health and Hawkes Bay Health Care regions, although if we can, we do accept people from outside those areas.
  • We work with individuals to assist them to achieve their best life possible.

As a Service we believe in:

  • education and empowerment;
  • enabling people to make good choices for themselves;
  • that a persons addiction cannot be viewed in isolation for effective and sustainable change to occur;
  • that no single theory or model of treatment is right for, or will fit with, every individual;
  • Valuing the person.

What do we offer?

  • Residential and Community Treatment Services in both Hawkes Bay and Palmerston North.

The Monarch Programme

The Monarch programme is an educational and life-skill based programme that addresses mental health and addiction issues. This nine week programme is presented in weekly modules and they are; 
    -  Anxiety Management
     - Addiction
     - Relapse Prevention
     - Anger Management
     - Assertiveness
     - Mental Health
     - Family, Whanau and Relationships
     - Self Esteem
     - Life Skills

You may attend the programme as one of our Residents from the MASH Trust house, or daily as a person from within the community. The modules may be completed consecutively, or as individual modules at different times of the year. Recreation and physical activities are offered to MASH Residents. Spiritual and cultural learning are integrated throughout the programme.

Alongside the Monarch Programme we offer the additional services;

  • Community follow-up
  • Vocational activities and support
  • One on One interventions
  • Support and educational groups

         - Community Support Group*
         - Facts and Effects*
         - Time for Change Group*

 * Community Probation Services in Horowhenua, Manawatu and Tararua regions only.

Are you eligible for our service?

  • Has your substance abuse begun to cause you significant problems in your life?
  • Do you want to make positive changes in your life?

 If you meet these two criteria then you are most likely eligible for our service.

How do you get into the Service?
Contact us and we will tell you how, it's not hard at all.



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