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MASH Trust provides a wide range of support services for people with mental health, intellectual or physical disability or illness.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Service
The Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Service cover the MidCentral and Hawkes Bay DHB areas. The programmes in this service have been developed on recovery principles to enable those with alcohol and/or other drug issues who have simultaneous mental health difficulties to regain or develop control over their lives and begin to establish the skills needed to achieve a life that they feel is fulfilling. Interventions are based on co-existing mental health and substance use frameworks. This service provides various levels of care to assist people within the MidCentral DHB area who are experiencing significant impairment to the function of their everyday life due to their alcohol and/or other drug use. We believe in people and their ability to make changes. The levels of care include:

  • Facts and Effects
  • Community Support Groups
  • One to One
  • Community Programme
  • Residential Programme

Mental Health in the Community

MASH Trust has several services that provide mental health support in the community.

  • Support in the Community Service. This service is a community based service that promotes growth, independence and recovery in mental health. It provided individual support that actively encourages you to develop new skills and reach identified goals. Support in the Community Service is provided by Mobile Support Workers who support people to live in the community. We provide a discreet and confidential service whilst developing potential in all aspects of your life.
  • Residential Supported Accommodation.  This service provides community based housing with support staff available depending on your level of need.  There are two MASH Residential Support Services available; Level 3&4 twenty-four hour support or Level 2 day time support.
  • Individualised Support Packages. This service meets the specific needs of a person where staff work in partnership with them to develop individualised support packages (either short and/or long term) to achieve personal goals.

Physical & Intellectual Disabilities Service
MASH Trust is a provider of supported accommodation for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. The 24 hour a day staffed houses are in urban settings and are fully wheelchair accessible. Staff are highly trained and skilled in community support work. Referrals are accepted for people aged between 15 and 65 years of age.

Child & Youth Crisis Respite Service
Te Matai House is a young persons service established by MASH Trust. This service provides planned and crisis respite for people aged between 5 and 19 years who are experiencing mental health and/or addiction issues. We offer a short-term, voluntary residential programme with a maximum 7 day stay. This service provides a short-term safe and secure home environment.

LUCK (Love, Understanding, Caring, Kindness)
LUCK is a drop-in centre for people who have an experience of mental illness to come and have a cuppa, meet new people, join in activities and have a nutritious midday meal for a nominal charge. Facilities include computers, a pool table, darts, a lounge with TV, jigsaw puzzles, gym equipment, arts & crafts workshops, and a secondhand clothing shop.

Living Plus
Living Plus is the service within MASH which provides day activity programmes for people with an intellectual disability. It provides a community based service Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. We believe that people with disabilities have the right to full community participation and inclusion. Programmes include; recreational leisure activities, daily living skills, education and learning, exercise and fitness.

Mental Health Recovery Service
The Mental Health Recovery Service welcomes people from the MidCentral area. It has been developed on recovery principles to enable those with mental health difficulties to regain or develop control over their lives and re-establish the lifeskills needed to achieve a life that they feel is fulfilling. A support worker will help you to identify specific goals and write up support plans to assist you with progress. We have homes providing residential services in Palmerston North which is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Bluegum Road Vocational Service
The Blue Gum Road Vocational Service in Paraparaumu is funded by the Ministry of Social Development to facilitate employment opportunities and community participation for the residents. Our goal is to work together with the residents and their family/whanau to achieve their vocational and community participation aspirations.

Friendship Facilitation Service
This service is open to former residents of the Kimberley Centre who have left Kimberley since April 2003 and now live on the Kapiti Coast, Horowhenua or Manawatu.  The service provides assistance for people to establish friends and social supports in their community.  The role of the Friendship Facilitation Coordinator includes the following services;

  • Referral Service
  • Individual Planning
  • Family Consultation
  • Community Integration
  • Service Promotion
  • Community Education
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