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The Monarch butterfly has a life cycle that is reflective of the processes people go through in our programme. Starting as an egg whose only function is to grow into a caterpillar. The caterpillar only has one drive in life, which is to feed its hunger. It will devour plants to the point of destruction until it is ready for change. 

A transformation starts when the caterpillar develops into a pupa, safely encased in the chrysalis. The caterpillar breaks down to its essential parts and is reconstructed when it emerges as a beautiful butterfly. At this stage the butterfly is at it’s most vulnerable. It cannot fly until it has dried its wings, so is unable to escape any predators. It remains in need of support and protection. When it is ready, the butterfly goes forward for the longest part of its life in its new form. 

People in addiction also have lives focussed on feeding hunger, to the exclusion and detriment of everything else in their lives. At some point the need for transition to a different form becomes apparent and a commitment to change happens. People are extremely vulnerable during this transition period as every aspect of their life must be addressed to see if and how it fits with the new them. The challenges of new ways are not to be underestimated. Completion of the Monarch programme is just the beginning of the journey, but you will leave with a new perspective and tools to help you on your way. 


About the programme


Monarch is an educational and life skills-based programme created by MASH that addresses addiction and social issues through focussed module topics. This programme is delivered in two ways, a residential supported home programme, or community-based day programmes over 8-9 weeks.


u   Anxiety

u   Addiction

u   Relapse Prevention

u   Anger Management

u   Communication

u   Boundaries

u   Relationships

u   Mental Health

u   Life Skills


Residential Monarch Programme 


Residential participants have the opportunity to integrate skills in a supported living environment through 24/7 support and supervision. It is a full-time commitment but staying with us while completing the programme gives you the best chance of recovery. This programme is well suited for people who may be in unsafe environments, or who would do well in a clean environment with healthy support. 




This option is an eight-week programme provided for people who have healthy support at home or are unable to leave their home. Participants attend Monday to Friday sessions.  The morning programme 8:30 -11:30 am and the afternoon activities 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm.  

Entry to the Monarch


Entry into the Programme occurs regularly, as people are motivated and ready to progress their recovery journey. Potential participants need to attend some afternoon sessions before they start.  

You do need to enter the Monarch programme sober and will be required to have two tests to evidence this.   

You will also need to have a physical address within Manawatū or Hawkes Bay. 

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