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News and Publications


The latest news and stories from MASH, along with updates of innovation from across our mental health, addiction recovery, and disability teams. 


Canine Friends Visit MASH

Our Addictions Recovery Monarch group had a special visit from Canine Friends recently; they call it a Pat & Chat the whaiora loved it. Canine Friends Pet Therapy is a New Zealand-wide network of people who share their friendly well behaved dogs usually with people in hospitals and residents in rest homes/hospices. Whaiora were chatting and laughing and showed real interest in the ladies work with their dogs and how they started doing this. Health research in New Zealand and overseas shows clearly that many people show great improvement in their health and attitude through interaction with visiting animals. Canine Friends say that their own experience and anecdotal evidence shows that the people they visit are often energised and comforted by the visiting dog teams.

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Intern Spotlight

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on our extraordinary intern, Ardyn Stokes (Studying a Bachelor Of Business, majoring in Accounting), who joined us as part of the Massey Business School Internships program. Ardyn has truly become a valued member of our team here at MASH Trust. Learning to navigate complex cost centre budgeting, Ardyn has contributed to the work we do here by drilling down into our expenses and really trying to understand the cost drivers behind our ongoing expenses. We have been continuously impressed with Ardyn’s work supporting our month end close and reporting processes, where she has demonstrated a real knack for financial analysis. Beyond her financial acumen, Ardyn has showcased an impressive dedication to continuous learning and team growth. She has enthusiastically taken on the task of upskilling our team members with her formidable Excel skills and has produced incredibly well-written process documentation, setting a new standard in our team. Her hard work, dedication, and eagerness to learn have significantly impacted our charity, and we're so grateful to have her on board! We're excited to see where this journey will take her, and we're honoured to be part of it. Ngā mihi nui Ardyn!

Representing MASH at the Special Olympics  

Six people we support at MASH went to Hamilton to compete in various events at the NZ Special Olympics National Summer Games. In the lead up to the games the Special Olympics Flame of Hope was carried throughout the country by each regions Special Olympics team to raise awareness and help fundraise. It was a really proud moment for our competitors Eru, Greg, Dion, Corbin, Kristin, and Cameron. They expressed that they were very excited to attend and have been working hard training for their swimming, basketball, and bocce events.

Our Addictions Recovery Programme in Palmerston North were donated blackboard paint from Resene so they could paint a wall in the group room for adding motivational quotes, reflections of gratitude, and will be used as a tool for the programme. People supported were eager to get to work and quickly prepped and painted the wall, and are enjoying coming up with new quotes and pictures to add to the wall.

Motivational Chalk Wall for Addictions Recovery 

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Te Taiao  

Last year, the hallway at our day programme in Lower Hut was transformed into a visual masterpiece by staff. The piece was titled Te Taiao, the environment that surrounds us, and like our environment it is constantly changing and growing. Te Taiao has four major components: Whenua (soil and land) Wai (all freshwater bodies and their connections) Āhuarangi (climate across time) Koiora (all living communities: human, plant, animal) There is so much beauty to see on this mural from the Matariki stars in the sky, the whales and stingray swimming in the moana, to the marae that is overlooking the scene.

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The Harlen Shuffle 

Harlen is part of the Friendship service at MASH, he and his buddy Jess often go to Viv’s Kitchen in Sanson to catch up. At Christmas, Harlen was opening his Christmas gifts from Viv and Kev, and they were mini trucks that he collects. Bernard, the Manager from Booth’s Transport saw this and came over to ask if Harlen loved trucks…Harlen confirmed this by head nods and laughter. Leave it with me, Bernard said. A few days later they had dropped off new baseball caps and beanies for Harlen and Jess, and a huge Booth’s replica transport truck for Harlen. A couple of weeks after, Mel from the Friendship service was asked if Harlen would like to go on a truck ride…”OMG, it’s his dream”, his mum says. With full consent from mum and with lots of correspondence a date was set. Crete, Booth’s Cultural Ambassador and the truck driver for the experience, was absolutely amazing. The way he communicated with Harlen was fantastic – putting him at ease and making the whole experience fun and memorable. Harlen was gifted even more presents- truck t-shirts, and a huge calendar of trucks. The truck Harlen rode in was brand new, only 35 kms on the clock. Harlen was so thrilled – it was a dream come true. Crete the driver radioed other truck drivers to toot their horns when they came past on the road. Harlen was having the best time. His face said it all – priceless. Harlen has since featured in NZ Truck magazine standing in front of the truck in a happy fist pump moment. Mum tells her son how famous he is and is so appreciative to everyone for offering Harlen this opportunity. Harlen has a special copy of this magazine he treasures. This is not the end of this heart-warming story. Booth’s had one of their trucks specially sign written for Harlen, ‘The Harlen Shuffle’ was recently revealed to Harlen and met with beaming smiles of excitement and fist pumps high into the air.

Annual Reports

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